Censorship Resistant Data Services

Altha Technology is a Christian company that is creating data solutions, hardware, and services to keep Christians online. We provide managed services to companies and individuals to keep your data safe and help you get the word out for your ministry or business.

Our mantra is: Own the Data, Protect the Data, Serve the Data. We believe your data is YOURS and that you can run your digital life privately and securely using open source tools available online, and built by the community. We can do it for you, or you can learn to do it yourself. Hire us for a consultation or to perform onboarding to our systems to manage your online presence.

Price List

Hourly Rate - $125.00/Hour
Ministry Rate* - $75.00/Hour
Hosting Rate - $29.00/Month

Hosting and Servers:

DNS Management - $12.00/month
Wordpress Website - $29.00/month
E-Commerce Website - $49.00/month
Email Marketing Website - $48.00/month + Fees
Video Website - $79.00/month + Fees
Nextcloud Site - $49.00/month + $3.00 Per user + Fees
Wordpress Security and Management, non-hosted - $49.00/month


De-Googled Phone - $500.00-$1050.00
3d Rendering Server/Desktop - $2,000-$15,000+
NixOS Docker Compute Server Preconfigured - $2,000-$5,000+
TrueNAS Storage Server Preconfigured - $3,000-$9,000+

Data Services:

Migrate DNS - 1-2 Hours
Migrate Website - 1-3 Hours
Migrate 5 Email Accounts - 2-5 Hours
Adding Events to Website - 30 Minutes
Build Forms and Test - 1-2 Hours
Youtube Channel Backups - 3-5 Hours
Computer Repair - 1-4 Hours + Parts + Shipping
Custom Computer Build - 2-3 Hours + Parts + Shipping
3D Print Toy with Consultation - 1-2 Hours + Shipping
Migrate from Mailchimp - 1-3 Hours
Custom Email Address - .5 Hours

Creative Services:

Thumbnail Creation - 15 Minutes - 1 Hour
Live Video Podcast - 1-3 Hours
Post Produced Video Podcast - 1-2 Hours
Clip/Reel Creation - .5-1.5 Hours
Migrate Website - 1-3 Hours
Convert 10 Page Website to Wordpress - 10-15 Hours
Adding Events to Website - 30 Minutes
Email Newsletter - 1-2 Hours
Super Basic Marketing Email - 30 Minutes
5 Page Website Build - 15-20 Hours
Business Cards - 1-5 Hours
Print Media Marketing and Design - 1-10+ Hours + Materials
E-Commerce or Learning Website - 30-100+ Hours
Full Brand Membership and Content System - 60-150+ Hours


Footnotes and Exceptions:

*Depending on the complexity of the project, it may need to be billed at the regular hourly rate, regardless of ministry status or not. This is due to subcontractors, or other moving parts required for a project. If we need to pull in 10 different people and subcontractors for a project, it will have to be billed at the regular rate, for example.

Service Packages

Altha Technology provides a large array of services that you can choose from individually above. For small businesses/ministries/content creators please look below to see some broader picture services and estimates. Each service provides a solution to a digital and internet related hosting or content problem you have from domain and hosting to social media management services and everything in between.

Marketing Management:

 Est. Budget: $3,000+ Per Month

You are a ministry or business. You see the hosting consolidation, and web management options to the right but you want more. You need a team of people to create content, publish it on social media platforms and your websites. You want them to provide light social media management and support in comments, analytics monitoring, and platform management. You want a monthly report on status. You still create content yourself, but need someone to produce it, run tech tests with guests, adjust audio/video and help run the content creation process itself. This is the path for you. Click the button below to start the process.

Web Management:

Est. Budget: $1,500+ Per Month

You are a ministry or business. You see the hosting consolidation option to the right, but want more. You need help inside your applications to deliver content, add new posts or articles, upload videos, possibly perform light editing of video, written, newsletter, or other content, but you still create your own content or have a team to creates content. This team just doesn’t get the content up online to platforms well, or needs to focus on creativity, not the boring management stuff. This is the path for you. Click the button below to start the process.

Hosting Consolidation:

Est. Budget: $300+ Per Month

You are a ministry or business. You have no idea what your exposure is online with platforms. You are not satisfied with your current hosting and/or website manager/provider. You are concerned about your content being deleted by Youtube or other hosting providers. You need help to get everything organized for your brand or ministry. You have your own creative team that creates content or manages the relationship with your customers and posts on social, but you don’t know what is going on behind the scenes with your domains and platform backend. This is the path for you. Click the button below to start the process.

Our Tools

Altha Technology builds on open source tools and products. This is because products built by the community are less likely to be censored or affected by political climate. They also are easily reproducible and able to be taught to others. Open source code is available publicly to be audited to confirm how it works and behaves, to avoid shadow banning on the one hand, or secret security backdoors on the other.