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Once you start thinking more about where you want to be than about making the best product, you're screwed.

Linus Torvalds

Creator of Linux

WordPress Hosting

Altha Technology offers premium WordPress website hosting. We maintain and manage the site, build sites, provide plugin support, theme support, podcasting support, custom WordPress security, and development.

We provide you with the platform that won’t get shut down. Your speech is free and we will keep it that way.

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LIVE Video Streaming

Altha Technology offers video LIVEstreaming support, solutions, and consultation.  We have experience with Wirecast, Youtube LIVE, Facebook LIVE, Periscope, Vimeo LIVE, and other livestreaming platforms.

We provide a unique way to record, and pull in guests to your show or podcast. Our hassle free service does not require special knowledge on your part.

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File Storage and Backups

Altha Technology has file sharing and storage hosting. We will backup your Youtube Channel, or store other data you need kept safe. Our solution allows you to link your files to your phone, share from anywhere with a click, and be confident your data is safe.

We keep you safe and secure online. The Big Tech giants sell your information and you to the highest bidder.  We protect and secure your data.

Contact us with any questions or for a quote.