What is DNS?

by | May 31, 2022

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What is DNS? DNS stands for Domain Name System. Stealing from the Wikipedia article about it, it was started in 1985 and has been around ever since.

As a webhosting and internet company, we use DNS almost everyday. We do use it everyday in the functioning of our servers. In the real world DNS is the thing that allows you to put in: althatech.com and it goes to that server IP address, which is

DNS links that IP address, the computer the website is on, and the human readable word that people purchase from GoDaddy or other registrars. The registration is a legal entity to reserves your name for DNS.

ICANN, which is the International Corporation Assigning Names and Numbers, see the wikipedia article here, is the large player in the registration space. They make sure there aren’t any duplicate names in the system across the entire planet.

ARIN is the other side of the DNS sandwich, at least for North America. They are responsible for assigning IP addresses so that servers can be accessed publically. See information about there here.

The main components of DNS are the Registration, managed by ICANN, and the IP address, managed by ARIN and other regional internet numbers associations/groups.

To tie this in a little bit with censorship. Your IP address is a limited resource, it can be deleted/shutoff without your permission. You registration is a limited resource, it can be shutoff without your permission. Just so you are aware that these are very hard to fight spots for censorship attacks. Also cyber attacks at the DNS and server layer are an arms race as well.

That’s it for today, but other important components of DNS are: Name Servers and DNS Records. These are the actual technical tools used to make it work. Once you buy that registration from Epik.com, then you will need to choose where to put your namerservers or DNS records to get the website pointed at the correct server. We’ll go over this in more detail in a future article.

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