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by | Jun 3, 2022

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What is website design? I am going to go with my own definition for this and compare it to design. Website design is two things. It’s design and functionality. It is like having a carpenter who also can architect your home. For smaller projects, this can be done by one person. For larger projects, this needs to be broken up into various experts. A single website designer, for most projects under $5,000.00 or so, should have no problem architecting and designing his own website.

We build all of our websites using Wordpress. Not to be confused with, which is a pro-censorship organization that has their own custom version of the Wordpress open source application. Wordpress allows us to achieve a great balance of design flexibility and functionality. Do you want a website that can send marketing emails? Wordpress can do that (with FluentCRM). Do you want a good looking website with a drag and drop builder? Use the DIVI builder from Elegant themes. Do you want an e-Commerce store site with censorship resistant payment gateways? WooCommerce and Cornerstone can be linked together to achieve this.

My lead website designer is Steve Schramm. He owns North Mac Services and you should hire him for your next website project. We recently started breaking up our website design workflow to use a team of people. We have a UI Expert, graphic designers, and the builders. The UI Expert will lay out the site, choose color pallettes and then get feedback from you, the customer. Then once this is approved, it goes into the build phase. That’s where the concrete is poured, so to speak. We provision the Wordpress website, add any plugins we need based on what you want to achieve, and build it.

We take the site and run it through a set of tests to make sure everything is working. Payment gateways, no performance anomalies, etc. I’ll go into the payment gateways and what they are in a later article. It’s a very important subject when talking about online commerce, and it ties in with Crypto Currency as well.

The price for web design goes up once there is a team involved. You get a better product in the end, but it takes longer to build and it costs a significant amount more to achieve this. There is always loss in communication. When you start interacting between people the hours build up and this time has to be accounted for. For those of you who have worked with Altha Technology in the past, that is where we are. We now have a great web design system that is capable of making really nice looking and functional websites, but it does cost more than it used to.

I want to thank all our current customers for working with us and am looking forward to what other new web design features Steve and our team will come up with as we continue to build a better business and parallel economy.

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