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Once you start thinking more about where you want to be than about making the best product, you're screwed.

Linus Torvalds

Creator of Linux

Censorship is Real

Censorship of speech in the United States and Europe is happening on many different levels. We at Altha Technology believe that Christians, among others, have a right to speak their beliefs. First and foremost online, and secondarily on the streets and in the public arena physically.

The censorship of speech on the internet happens in a few different ways. The most notable are as follows:

  1. Google hiding search results and promoting their preferred searches.
  2. Facebook blocking user accounts, putting people in, “Facebook Jail”.
  3. Youtube deleting entire accounts, demonetizing account, or removing functionality of accounts.
  4. Vimeo deleting entire accounts.
  5. GoDaddy, a registrar, removing access to domain names.
  6. Abuse of online copyright laws to censor protected speech.
  7. Removal of Paypal usage for processing payments.
  8. Removal of usage of American Express payments.
  9. Remove of usage of Discover Card payments.

In the above examples, Altha Technology has come into contact directly with: 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, and 9. We are keeping an eye on who is being censored for what. From our experience, the highest level of censorship happens for the following content, in order of priority:

  1. Anti-Homosexual/LGBTP Speech is the most censored speech.
  2. Anti-Islam Speech is the second most censored speech.
  3. “Anti-Semitic” Speech is the third most censored speech.
  4. Speech about race, specific to white men in contrast to others, is the fourth most censored speech.
  5. Pro-Nationalism speech is the fifth most censored speech.

These five topics, from our experience and research, are almost guaranteed to get you into trouble on any of the big platforms. From others experience, anti-semitic and racial speech has the most potent repercussions, in that it can get you completely removed from the internet from the Domain level on down through payment gateways.

As we delve into this landscape of censorship and anti-Christian action in America, we at Altha Technology strive to use our knowledge of the internet, networking, website hosting, and content creation, combined with knowledge of censorship, to keep you online as long as possible, from the payment gateway to the domain registration.

Unless something changes, there WILL be a time when even we cannot continue to function as a business, but we will do our best to stay online as long as possible.


The Altha Technology Team

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We are a debt-free business. We strive to fulfill the needs of our customers as we build and grow our network. This means we build slower, and bare more risk, but this is closer to the real cost of doing business in the Reality that God intended.

We believe that the economy begins with the ability produce, not the ability to finance/demand. Steve Jobs was a great example that shows if you build a great product, then people will want it, not the other way around. The inventive genius is what drives a country and society, not the demands of the masses.

In America and Europe interest and debt has given us a fake version of reality. It has led to this fraudulent society we live in. The word for our age is Fraud. Fraud concerning morality. Fraud concerning Finance. Fraud concerning Education. Fraud on all fronts, because the way we conduct every transaction is wrapped in Fraud and our love of money surpasses all bounds into non-reality.

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