Altha Tech + WordPress: a Match Made in Heaven

by | Apr 21, 2023

What you need to know about how Altha Tech uses WordPress to host and manage your sites

A match made in heaven. Altha Tech has used WordPress to power most of its web design and hosting services for 7+ years. Altha Tech can build just about any kind of website for you, from e-commerce to portfolios to blogs and everything in between. They specialize in creating multi-functional sites with events, calendaring, donations, e-learning solutions, and e-commerce all baked in.

The best projects, according to Jared Heath, are ones where Altha Tech can use WordPress to create a digital hub for you, your company, or ministry, around which all of your social media can rightly turn. This hub strategy allows us (you and Altha Tech) to be more resilient in the face of censorship, should we run into those sorts of issues. The most excellent part about that is that should Altha Tech ever be targeted by “law” enforcement, or other bad actors, it will allow us to move your site more easily to minimize the impact of such things for you. That is a part of our backup strategy.

What Makes Altha Tech WordPress Hosting Different?

Our hosting platform is containerized by default, which means that there is more raw performance available for your site’s needs on our servers. This strategy also makes it easier to move your site elsewhere, as discussed above. Aside from that, our WordPress hosting is unique in the industry because of how we have built it out, making sure that it is as responsive as possible through a constant process of security and performance updates and a combination of different forms of caching. We also offer hybrid storage back-ends as well as pure SSD storage options, not too different in that respect than most of the industry is.

What Do We Use for Ourselves and Our Clients?

We strongly suggest using DIVI, but will also support Elementor site builders and themes. We also have a set of plugins that we depend on and strongly recommend to our clients based on their needs:

  • Events Calendar for Calendaring
  • Fluent Forms for Forms
  • FluentCRM for email marketing list management
  • Wordfence for security
  • WP Fastest Cache for caching
  • Learndash for E-Learning
  • Woocommerce for E-Commerce
  • Cornerstone payment systems for payment gateway
  • Stripe as a backup payment system for internal payments
  • BTC Pay server for bitcoin payments integrated into Woocommerce

Why should clients host their sites with Altha over and against the big guys?

Altha Tech believes in the First Amendment. We will never censor you for anything you put on your website. We will always do our best to protect you from censors and unconstitutional  government interference. You can rest assured that your data is safe with us, and your site will have maximum up time. Not only are we a design and hosting company, but we will work with you every step of the way to make sure that your site is as resilient as it can be, so that your personal, business, or ministry site will be solid for years to come. We have solutions to help you with payment issues, selling your wares, communicating with your clients and members, among other things.

Jared’s first reaction as to why you should trust us with your data is that we are Christian and seek to network with and support other Christian businesses and organizations, but then he thought again and realized that often in business, in his experience, working with Christians has not been a positive experience for him. The point I think he is trying to make is that Altha Tech prides ourselves on our integrity and skill in the the hosting space. We will never suggest something to you that we either have not used successfully or are not currently using to positive outcomes. That means that we use crypto and run BTC pay servers. We use WordPress for all the things. We use the Fluent plugins to help us manage everything from intake to relationship management and email lists. We choose to use open source payment solutions, as we believe that open source is the way forward, and open source is how we run our business, so that we can Own the Data, Protect the Data, Serve the Data (both our own and anything that you entrust to us).

As you can see, Altha Tech and WordPress are truly a match made in heaven. Our hosting, design, and managed WordPress services may not be the cheapest in the market, but you will get personal service and the peace of mind that your data is safe from prying eyes as well as from censorship to the best of anyone’s ability.