In the beginning there was a website, actually, three websites. Well, three websites, a YouTube channel, some various lists of things… Twitter… Facebook pages… It’s a bit complicated. Realistically though, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” It all starts with that, folks. Anyway…

Coach Dave Daubenmire who is the founder of, “Pass the Salt Ministries” approached my father to start getting his ministry in order, primarily his online presence. I was invariably roped into helping in the process of upgrading/updating the web presence for the ministry. It has been a glorious and wonderful adventure thus far, and I’d like to tell some of the story here for you.

When Coach approached us the main problem was that he had lost his, “tech guy” and needed someone to help bring the ministry into the future. My father (Michael Heath) has had a close relationship with the Coach for many years and also has an understanding of technology that suited what Coach had lost in his previous partnership.

As any new addition to a team, our first task was to find out what the lay of the land was. We were able to compile all the previous accounts/websites/DNS records/Emails/Passwords/etc… to make this job possible and start poking around. We learned that Coach had quite a few different web properties going on, all with different branding and different backend web designs, and just different everything.

As humans, we like consistency. So the first step on the docket was to provide consistent branding, or near consistent branding, across the board. I ended up taking up the bulk of the website work and moving/combining sites into one cohesive unit. The advantage of doing this is to provide one place online for the consumer (It’s a ministry, but for the sake of this article I’ll stick with business-speak) to go and hear the message Coach is trying to get out to them.

I fired up my WordPress brain and designed a new website, combining the old branding, and providing some new solutions, to give the consumer that consistency they so unconsciously crave (McDonalds burgers taste the same in Finland as they do in Washington DC, it’s comforting). So, taking three websites and turning them into one,

Some of the added functionality to the site itself is the ability to join a Google Hangout built right in to the site. This does take some backend work, but at the core we have created the ability for the general public to join into one of Coach’s live shows and take part in the discussion. It’s like talk radio with call in capability, but even better! Oh, I didn’t discuss the Hangouts thing?

So, in the VERY beginning, before all the website consolidation and branding talk went on, my Dad (Mike Heath, remember?) came up with the really good idea to start using what is called, “Hangouts on Air.” Now, Hangouts on Air give you the ability to record live videos from your computer with up to 10 people taking part in the video, from all over the world! This amazing innovation, combined with the ability of WordPress to custom deliver content to people in any format we choose, creates a content delivery powerhouse for the public!

We now host a daily show every day of the week to get Coach’s message out there for all the world to see! I recommend watching it at,, it is very informative and Truthful information.

Alright, back to the web consolidation stuff. After combining all three sites into one, and getting the content set up well enough, I started branching out to the other services that Coach provides. He has a Twitter account, Facebook page, and YouTube channel as the main culprits of his non-website presence. Consistency is what people crave, remember? So, the goal was to boil off all the extra flab of less-than-useful branding to leave the core components.

Coach’s YouTube page was branded under a service called, “” This is a token nod to the ministry, which is also a fantastic place for Christians (Or anyone, I’m not entirely sure, would have to ask em) to post articles and their thoughts. I figured that we were going for simple for the consumer, newswithviews doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense, since 99% of the content we deliver is under the Coach Dave/Pass the Salt branding.

I fired up my graphic design brain (This brain is still being groomed to perfection, he’s in his teen years at the moment) and started changing the headings/links for the YouTube page. After a few hours, I developed CoachDave.TV branding, changed all the images, and linked the YouTube page to Thus bringing the image of the ministry slowly into line with the rest of the presence.

The simplification of the overall web presence doesn’t only benefit coach from a branding perspective. We will be able to reduce the cost to his ministry by eliminating excess hosting costs and deleting the useless domains. The simplification of the content delivery process has drastically reduced the time overhead to post new content. We only need to put it in two places, and YouTube (And anything on YouTube is automatically added there, bonus!). Any new person who comes on board only needs to learn the one system to be able to post content. The accounts/usernames/password situation will be simplified and therefore create a much easier framework to understand and carry into the future.

Here at Altha Technology we want to help you move into the future of the web (Or devices, depending on which ones… Surface Pro 4 anyone!?!?) and simplify your Tech life. This does take time; I have been working with Coach for about three months to get all of these things moving forward. In the long run, eliminating the extra waste from the web presence and combining/simplifying systems benefits the owner and the customer greatly. From a stress reduction for the Tech guys to much quicker turnaround time to accomplish tasks to an easier to understand layout for the consumer. It is greatly beneficial, and the bigger your ministry, organization, or business, the more benefits you will see from simplification, unification, mixed with a little innovation (There are probably some more *ation words, but I couldn’t think of them…).

So… The End! God Bless and keep moving forward and innovating!